‘Bangladesh ICT Expo 2017’ is serving immense potentiality of Hardware and Manufacturing segment in Information and Communication Technology sector of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Computer Samity has initiated a pioneering generous idea on Innovation to Industry (i2i) program. Its main objectives are to arrange investment or funding opportunities for innovative projects/startups of Bangladeshi youths, to educate and groom Bangladeshi startups/ youths/innovator about identifying Return of Investment (ROI) of innovation and pitch it in a business format. Under this program innovative projects were asked from all Bangladeshi universities, IT scholars, researches, students, start-up and corporate companies from which qualified projects are nominated for showcase to the Innovation Zone. Specially this Zone will showcase the innovation, talent, creativity, skill and efficiency of Bangladeshi peoples and research organizations. To enthuse young generation, ICT professionals and entrepreneurs to inventing and branding Bangladesh is the goal of the arrangement. The new generation, manufacturers and vendors will exchange their views, technological ideas and need with the innovators at the zone. The visitors can share their expectations and experiences with them.
Total 30 numbers of Innovative Projects will be displayed at the premise out of 60 projects submitted from different public and private universities, Government organization, research person/organization after scrutiny by a Board of Inspiration & Judges Panelist from projects titled as; Mars Rover, Artificially Intelligent Companion Robot Bongobir, Smart Thermal Wristband, Emergency Rescue Robot, Prottoyon- All certificates in one address, Charity- for the people in need, Automatic Level-Crossing Gate Control by Using Wireless Technology, Life Saving Drone (LSD), Drone Based Services By G-Robotics Drone, G-Edu-Robo, Smart Sensible Manhole, Chahida IT Card, Automated Bio-Plant System, Automated solar panel with web monitoring, Line Follower Robot for Industrial Manufacturing Process Watch IT – An Assistive Device for Speech and Hearing Impaired, “Homey” Humanoid Robot, Smart Home Automation System Based on Environmental Monitoring System, Smart Home & Automation, RITS Browser, Security365, Smart Medicine Box, Peer-to-Peer Solar Energy Sharing System, Global Smile by GoRiseMe.com, Gyro Table, Chameleon – Automatic Packaging Robot, Sign Language Learner and Converter, Auto water pump off & control by smartphone, Automated portable Bio-plant, CMED, Automated Security System Based on Password Protected Fingerprint Sensor, Disha – Smart automation system, Riverine Vehicle Tracking System, Development of Automated Ankle Foot, Orthosis for Foot Drop Patients, Smart Home Security System Using GSM, Mini Doctor, A device for sharing emotions for voice impaired person by analyzing EEG signals, eTutorsBD, Commando – The spy bot, Digital Traffic System, E-Learning, Smart Housekeeper, Landknock Track, Digital Prescription, An IOT System for Monitoring Manholes of Bangladesh, Self Care, Study on Desgin and Implementation of Arduino Based Automatic Irrigation System With GSM, Smart Accommodation App, Kinect Based physiotherapy System, Learning & Earning Development, Internet Control Multipurpose Drone Project, iinnio, Intelligent smart Traffic control system, ERP software for RMG sector. BCS appreciate all the Innovators and for their good endeavors and inspire all to go forward with their innovative thinking.
Five top most projects will be nominated by a Board of International Standard Inspiration & Judges Panel and they will be given special award. Microsoft Bangladesh will appoint the winners as Microsoft Brand Ambassador for 1 year with other numerous financial and other benefits. Bangladesh Computer Samity want to facilitate our young innovators for turning their innovation projects into a useful & sustainable matter with providing support, inspiration and linking them with financial support providers.
All kind of cooperation, support, ideas, generous endeavors of Judges Panel in grooming and mentoring of Innovators provided by Bangladesh Innovation Forum, Microsoft, Distinguished Judges and all others are highly appreciated for successful arrangement of Innovation to Industry (i2i) program.
Hope, this Innovation to Industry (i2i) program will be a way out technological ideas to manufacturing level with our limited resources & find a path to produce effectual & sustainable products and services for people in every aspect our country and the world.