BangIadesh ICT EXPO 2016’ is a Government-Private scheme to showcase the immense potential of Bangladesh ICT industry, especially hardware or manufacturing sector. The ICT Division and BCS are jointly organizing the mega exposition.

BCS dreams Bangladesh as a manufacturing country, wants to craft our resource with ICT pioneer and massive source of foreign revenue. Bangladesh government hardly tries to build `Digital Bangladesh’, a hunger and corruption free middle income country using ICT. The ICT division has implanting a lot of project to fulfill the vision.

BangIadesh ICT EXPO 2016’ will place the efforts of Bangladesh Government and BCS with showcasing latest technologies of ICT. A huge numbers of program will be setup here to inspire local entrepreneurs and manufacturers.

Areas of ICT Expo


Expo Expectation

  • 50,000 square feet total areas
  • About 5,00,000 Visitor
  • 100+ High Govt. Officials
  • 50 + National & International Speakers
  • 20+ Brand Manufacturer High official Visited the Expo
  • Local Manufacturers will participate in the Expo
  • 10,00,000 Visitor at the ICT Expo Website
  • About BDT. 10,00,00,000 worth of Product Sales
  • Policy Session on ICT expansion
  • Seminar on Different Current Issue
  • Best Innovative Project
  • Promote local ICT, Telco & Electronics Manufacturers & Service providers
  • Promote local/Foreign Investment & Business Opportunities
  • Share the experience of Digital Bangladesh
  • Create Scope for earning foreign currency
  • Creating awareness to people on Digital technology
  • Increase youth engagement with development ICT industry
  • Present New Industrial Models based in the application of ICT
  • Employment Generation
  • Creating Business scope for the stakeholders
  • Introduce a unique platform for all stakeholders
  • Creating User friendly Digital Lifestyle


  • local Manufacturers & Service providers
  • Telecom solutions
  • Government services
  • Local innovation showcasing
  • World Renowned Brand
  • Enterprise solution providers
  • OEM (original equipment manufacturer) manufacturer Company
  • Cloud computing showcasing
  • Software & ITES
  • Local Computer Gaming Community
  • Hardware & Software Companies