Bring innovation into the business by creating value intelligence, process improvement and make you paperless which will set you Visible towards Technology.
WE are one of the Fastest Growing Telecom service provider and ICT based company mostly focusing on Telecommunication Service Domain and Information technology domain aiming to provide end to end business solutions. We String Technology Limited has established our company in 2015 and now already has expanded our footprint in different area of Telecom and ICT Business industry. We already have several partnerships with World renowned OEM Company on different products like Qlik, Comba, Anyk Technologies, SwissQual, China Shoto, Acsys Technologies, Scala and Indusnet etc.
Our major service and product offerings are Business Intelligence and data analytics ,Telecom Security & user Management Solution, Energy Solution, Small cell installation & Maintenance, Site Acquisition, Negotiation, Permitting & Power Connection, Cost optimization of passive infrastructure, Installation & Commissioning Service, Network Benchmark and Performance testing , Cloud based Wi-Fi Solution, Advance access control, Digital Signage and Digital Marketing .
We are capable of providing most of the service with competent in-house resources and management consultancy. Most of our resources are with several years of working experience in Different Telecom Operator which is one of our Key Strength. We make you be visible towards technology.


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