Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)


“Prevent crime and apprehend criminals”

Motto of the Force

“Bangladesh is My Pride”


Bangladesh is a developing country but the main obstacle of our country is the unstable Law and Order. Religious fundamentalism, illegal use of indiscriminate weapons, growing crime and terrorist activities in various criminal activities, including the expansion of society, ruining what could be the obstacles that stood in the way of our development as a developing country. At that time, various kinds of extremist religious doctrine preached by the terrorists, murder, theft-robbery, extortion, kidnapping, rape, extortion, causing various kinds of anti-social criminal anarchy through the continuation of the overall development of the country were trying to destroy. Under such circumstances, the Ministry of the Interior as part of Bangladesh’s Armed Police Battalion Ordinance 1979 amended the Rapid Action Battalion elite force short ‘RAB’ decision to form the Forces. 2004 according to the National and Independence Day parade on March 6 through the participation of the elite force RAB started. In 2004 the RAB headquarters and 7 Battalion (Dhaka City 4, Rajshahi, Khulna and Chittagong districts 1) 6 out of the rally started. The continuation of their success in 2005 September Barisal, Sylhet and Dhaka district Jatrabari area debut three battalions. April and August to meet the needs of the 2006 districts of Narayanganj, Sirajganj and two battalions were established. Since the current government took power in 2009 with the priority task of combating terrorism in Rangpur and Mymensingh approved the establishment of two more battalions of RAB. In accordance with the decision of Rangpur and Mymensingh the December 2013 RAB total of 14 battalions, two battalions throughout the country through the establishment of various types of anti-terrorism activities and works tirelessly in the action taken in violation of members. RAB is the success as well as some of the anomaly.

Capabilities of the RAB Forces

1. Internal security duties.
2. Recovery of unauthorized arms, ammunitions, explosives and such other articles
3. Apprehension of armed gangs of criminals.
4. Assisting other law enforcing agencies for maintaining law and order.
5. Intelligence gathering in respect of crimes and criminal activities
6. Investigation of any offence on the direction of the government.
7. Such other duties as the government may, from time to time, assign.

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Milky Way (Ground Floor)

02-7913117, 01777720029,


RAB HEADQUARTERS, Cargo Admin Building, Shahjalal International Airport, Kurmitola, Dhaka- 1229