Bangladesh Tourism Corporation

Bangladesh Tourism Corporation

Vision & Mission

Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) is the National Tourism Organization (NTO). It was established in November 1972 by the order of the President Act 143 and commenced its
function in 1973. It is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism.

Vision and Mission statement of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC)


– Develop Bangladesh as an Exotic Tourist Destination.


01.  Develop BPC as an Organization of excellence with adequate authority and capacity to regulate / facilitate tourism industry in Bangladesh;
02.  Develop and maintain international standard tourism products and ancillary facilities;
03.  Involve government and encourage private sector in developing physical infrastructure i.e. road, rail, air and waterways for easy accessibility;
04.  Ensure security & safety of the tourists;
05.  Take initiative for simplifying visa and immigration formalities for tourists;
06.  Encourage pro-poor tourism industry for their economic betterment and empowerment;
07.  Develop ecotourism based on nature and ethnic culture;
08.  Enhance the balance of payment, create employment opportunities, alleviate poverty and create social harmony through tourism activities;
09.  Enhance marketing of tourism products at home and aboard;
10.  Develop human resource in tourism sector;
11.  Build a strong public-private partnership in the tourism industry;
12.  Promote and maintain close cooperation with regional and international counterparts of the industry;
13.  Handover the commercial units to the private


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