Astrum Industries Limited (ASTRUM)

Astrum Industries Limited (ASTRUM)

“Astrum has been primarily founded with the aim of marketing reliable and high Tech IT accessories with corporate Head Quarter in Hong Kong. Since its inception in 2008, the company has kept a watch on various technologies being developed across a range of ket consumer electronics segments. It has consequently managed to successfully enter neighboring segments such as audio accessories; mobility, smart devices and LED solutions under one brand name. It is differentiating through agile responsiveness to technology breakthrough in order to provide ground breaking devices in its different product segments.
Being very responsive to market trends Astrum is able to develop and market newest innovative devices at a very quick pace and therefore stay at the cusp of technology. It has also found a great balance between affordability and reliability, thus democratizing the access of new technologies worldwide.
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Milky Way (Ground Floor)

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Astrum Technologies (BD), Sahera Tropical Center, 218/C, New Elephant Road, 12th Floor, Suit-01, Dhaka-1205