The mammoth ‘Bangladesh ICT EXPO 2017’ event has been arranged at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC), Dhaka during October 18 – 20, 2017 with the theme of ‘Make in Bangladesh’. This EXPO is a unique platform to showcase the immense potentiality of Bangladesh ICT industry, especially in the manufacturing segment of computer & ICT products and services. The showcase is popularly recognized as the largest exhibition of ICT products, services, innovation and country’s information technology infrastructure with manufacturing opportunity and digital lifestyles in Bangladesh.

The apex ICT trade organization of country, Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) as the pioneer has been regularly organizing CT exhibitions since 1993 in the capital city of Dhaka and other major cities and district towns of Bangladesh with the title ‘BCS Computer Show’. In 2008 BCS introduced concept of ‘Digital Bangladesh’. Upon official declaration of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ program by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in early 2009, changed its exhibition into more interactive, creative, up to date and stimulating shape and renamed the show as ‘BCS ICT World’ later in this year that was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Alongside, BCS organized ‘Digital Bangladesh Summit’ for the first time in the country, which was graced by the by the then President of the Republic Md. Zillur Rahman as the Chief Guest to inaugurate. In early 2010, BCS changed its fabrication once again organizing ’BCS Digital Expo’ for the first time, which was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as the Chief Guest to stimulate, encourage and expressing solidarity with the private sector in order to align and fasten the implementation of her visionary program ‘Digital Bangladesh’.

Since its inception in 1987, BCS led the private sector ICT industry to grow and popularize upon seamless co-operation and co-ordination with the government almost in each related issue. In specific, BCS collaborated with the government in the event of organizing expo for the first time in yearly of this century, however, it was not a continuous process.

In 2015, BCS initiated and proposed further to the government to co-organize the expo emphasizing the manufacturing segment of the ICT industry. In response, the ICT Division under the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology came forward to support and co-operate in order to organize the showcase with title ‘Bangladesh ICT EXPO’, as a result of which, this is the third term in a row that joint initiative of ICT Division (this year represented by Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority) and BCS showcasing the immense potential of Bangladesh ICT industry, especially in manufacturing segment. With the view to increase people’s awareness, luring foreign investment, creating business friendly environment, exploration of country’s innovation,  employment generation, escalating participation of young generation focusing their information technology interest, paving the way being ICT production competency with export opportunity, creating & facilitating  IT entrepreneurship and developing Bangladesh as an ICT manufacturing hub is the major goals of the event to achieve the ultimate dream of `Digital Bangladesh’.

Government of Bangladesh has declared ICT sector as a thrust sector and provided incentives such as tax exemption, reduced rate or free-taxation on import items for the entrepreneurs of this sector to boost up the growth of national economy with the aid of ICT. On the other hand, it is proven that the Public and Private Partnership (PPP) model is tremendously effective in developing country’s ICT sector. Form this point of view, successfully organizing the product & service-based largest expo of the country collaboratively by Hi-Tech Park Authority under the ICT Division and Bangladesh Computer Samity is a unique example under this model.

ICT Division, Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology of the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been working as the forerunner for implementing the activities of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ a featured program of ‘Vision 2021’ accelerating GDP growth to reach two digit and turn Bangladesh into a middle income country soon . The ICT Division chalked out various important plans, programs, projects that are being operated relentlessly since 2009. With the outcome of BanglaGovNet, Info-Sarkar-2, Info-Sarker-3, all the government offices of the country down to Upazila level (the lowest administrate level) are now interconnected digitally. Data connection backbone will reach up to Union level (the lowest local government level) by Infor-Sarkar-3 project. 99% area of the country are under internet coverage. Most of the people have opportunity to get government’s e-services even at the most remote locality of Bangladesh. Union Digital Centers have been established across the country to provide digital services at the citizens’ doorsteps. Under the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ program with purview of ‘Vision 2021’, government intends to use ICT in poverty alleviation, digitalization of education and health services, employment, women empowerment, human resources development, ensure good governance, ensure e-Filing, e-procurement system and make government’s e-services easy accessible to all with nominal charges.

Alongside the Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA), Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), Department of Information and Communication Technology (DoICT) and Office of the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) are also the integral part to co-operate and provide support from their own perspectives in order to making ‘Bangladesh ICT EXPO 2017’ best of success. Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB), CTO Forum Bangladesh, Bangladesh Association of Call Center & Outsourcing (BACCO) and e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) are also co-partners of the event.

Few world famous ICT brands and few local ICT conglomerates have come forward at various categories of Platinum Sponsor, Gold Sponsors and Silver Sponsors to provide support the ‘Bangladesh ICT EXPO 2017.  On the other hand, most popular electronic, print and online media are providing support for mass coverage on the expo locally and globally.

The 3-day expo will take place in an area of around 6,500 square meters at Hall of Fame, Milky Way, Harmony, Carnival, Celebrity, Media Bazar and Windy Town of BICC and that are divided into exclusive zones, such as Local Manufacturer Zone, Product Showcasing Zone, Innovation Zone, Meet with International Manufacturers Zone, Digital Life-style Zone, Mega Cell Zone, Seminar and Business to Business Matchmaking Zone. The Future Entrepreneurs Summit, ICT Related Competition, Photography, Gamming & Digital Art Completion etc. will also take place. The pioneers of ICT in Bangladesh will be awarded. More than 50 world’s leading ICT brand representatives, many ICT professionals, about 0.5 Million local visitors, segmented with IT scholars, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, international IT scholars, 1 Million online visitors will take part in Bangladesh ICT Expo 2017. Segmented activities of some important zones are as follows:

Local Manufacturer: Bangladeshi manufacturers will showcase their ICT products and potentiality in the zone. They also express their vision and meet the visitors & experts for accomplishing better jobs in future. Business meetings and get-together will be held for cheering up investment.

IoT & Cloud Computing: The most popular and effective working systems of present days, Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing related various arrangement will be available in this Zone. For making knowledge sharing about IoT and Cloud Computing with local IT scholars, world renowned experts will be present in this Expo.


Product Showcase: The leading-edge ICT products and services will be displayed in this zone. Especially the new trend of technologies & technics will be presented.

Innovation: Innovated ICT products and services will be presented in the zone. Particularly, the discover of Bangladeshi ICT engineers, programmers, developers and companies will be shown there. Students of the Universities will showcase their innovation projects in the categories of Robotics, Smart & embedded system and Control & electronics picked up by a competition. The 20 numbers of innovation projects will be displayed at the premise out of 50 from 15 Universities and 10 organizations. The new generation, manufacturers and vendors will exchange their views, technological ideas and meet the inventors at the zone. The visitors can share their expectations and experiences.

Meet International Manufacturers: Local manufacturers, vendors and entrepreneurs will meet the correspondents of prominent international brands at the occasion.

Digital Life-style: Digital and latest technology have changed the lives in every aspects. Especially ICT makes human beings life and works faster, effortless, successive and interactive. The latest life-style products will be shown in this zone.

Epoch-Changing Device: Smart Device, Smart City, Cross-border E-Commerce, E-trade Facilitation, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing devices, Cyber Crime Protection devices and technology presentation will be shown here.


Mega Sell: Composition of Milky Way, Harmony and Carnival will make a Mega Sell Zone. Visitors can buy preferred products and services with promotional prices.

Seminars: Six seminars will be organized at the premise on ICT knowledge paradigm in the present world, such as: Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart City, Nano Technology, Cloud Computing and Future Trend of Telecommunications. Approximately three dozens of specialists from the countries across the globe will present papers & attend the seminars.

B2B Matchmaking: A number of B2B meetings will be held in this zone. Local and international manufacturers, traders, entrepreneurs and the correspondent of international trading organizations will meet each other to develop businesses. It is expected that, huge number of business deals will be set there.

Hi-Tech Park Zone: ICT Division is implementing 28 Hi-Tech Parks, Software Technology Park, Hi-Tech City & Hi-Tech Village projects. This zone will illustrate the development status of above Hi-Tech Parks, its technology and infrastructural facilities and how production and innovative research work will be done.

Participation: Almost 100 famous International and local ICT Brands, Companies, Organizations and more than 20 Divisions, Departments under different Ministries of the Government of Bangladesh will attend, exhibit and participate at various events all through 3-day expo. Local manufacturers and service providers, telecom service providers, Government service providers, Local Innovative Exhibitors, International prominent Brands, ERP service providers, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Cloud Computing Industry, Computer Gaming Industry, Operational company and organization of Hardware sector, Operational company and organization of Software sector will participate in the event. They will introduce smartest ideas of information and communication life with cutting edge technologies, present ICT projects, programs and initiatives of public and private sectors. The participants will demonstrate their products and services at 130 pavilions and stalls.

Expectations: It is expected that 0.5 million onlookers will attend the event onsite and one million will stay with website of the expo. More than 50 International and Local speakers, high officials of more than 20 international Brands. Many ICT professionals and local manufacturers will take part in this occasion. The sale and order deal will be  UDS 1.5 million approximately. The new innovation and idea will be published in this expo.

Local Manufacturers Forum: Local manufacturers will exchange concept with international companies’ higher officials, possibility of investment in Bangladesh, GoB (Government of Bangladesh) policy and product sale procedure will be discussed at this forum.

Digital Art Competition: A digital art competition will be held at the expo for school student divided into three groups.

Gaming, Selfie & Quiz Contest: Children can join Gaming Contest at the premise. The visitors will join Selfie Contest and take exclusive prizes. Quiz contests will be open for all.

Meet the Leaders: Students and young entrepreneurs can meet established ICT professionals and businessmen In this program.

Live Event: There will be an Event Corner filled with various sequences like Celebrity Show, Ramp Show, Product Launch, Quiz contest etc.

Cultural Program: The rich culture of Bangladesh will be presented at the premises. Famous and young artists will usher the program.

Free Entry, Wi-Fi and Internet: There have no entry fee for visitors and they can access Wi-Fi and High speed internet free. The disable people, autistic children and student will get extra-support to visit the expo. The visitors can visit the expo from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.

Digital Services to Participants: Participants will be given a barcode enriched token while their entry at the main entrance to digitally record their entry and get other priority services at all zones & programs.

Award: For outstanding performance or having amazing roll of expanding ICT especially in manufacturing sector the pioneer will be awarded at the expo. The category of the award is, Local manufacture’s award, National ICT Innovation award. Best technology product award. The Jury board consists with legend of ICT and higher officials of government will nominate the winner.

All information related with `Bangladesh ICT Expo 2017’ will be published in expo website  and facebook page: and also can watch events in the YouTube.